Friday, August 31, 2012

One [day] and done

... I know, totally unusual for me to get something started and finished, but there ya' have it.

My mom's husband [I'm 45, do I really call him my step dad??] had this little chest that needed some love, but I felt would be perfect in my sewing room for all my bibs and bobs, so it came home with me.
Thank you benevolent step-dad/moms husband!  :D

Yeah, it had seen better days, but it sure was sturdy, and solid and useful!

Initially, I was planning a multi-colored, washed out/distressed theme of blues and greens over madetolooklikebarnwood grey, each drawer being a different color.  But then as I sanded I realized that I had some mahogany stain from another table I did and this could be done lickety-split if I just stained it...  and 'done' is something I have found so elusive lately that I had to go for its.

Here's the result:

There's a little more sheen to it than I planned, but I think if I sand it a bit more and apply another coat of stain, I can rub that 'shiney-ness' out and make it more of a patina then shine.

This is going to be GREAT for my sewing room!  

It also has wheels on the bottom so I can roll it out to use, and then roll it back out of the way when I am done.

And [for the most part] it's done.  Which around here is rare!


cpinnix said...

This chest is beautiful. I've never seen one like it before. How old do you think it is? It almost looks 18th century, so New England-y with all the drawers. (Hey, it's me, cornbread, BTW.) :D

Late Bloomers said...

Cornie, thanks!
Per my mothers husband [my step dad?] it was his brothers... it does not appear old to me looking at the construction. The back is veneer for example and stamped like you find on many brands from the 40's into today.

It came out nice though and is super handy in the sewing room... now if only I was a better seamstress... gah! Can not get the ideas in my head to come out in fabric.