Monday, August 13, 2012

Estate sale goodies

It's been a busy summer of trips hither and yon....

... but now I'm home and this weekend we happened to pass and then U turn to stop at an estate sale.
There was some seriously great stuff, and it was late on the 2nd day of the sale by the time I hit it!

I picked up this pair of cute tables, $20 for the pair:

These are going antique white.

And this coffee table, $5:

I'd like to do something to the top, a painting of flowers, or something...

I'm seeing a pale, pale grey with some light blue and green showing through the distressing, particularly where these turned details are...

I also picked up these packing cases, $10 each:

I'm wondering if the smaller one is the right size to become a bench in my mudroom....
The larger one,... I dunno' what I'll do with it yet.  But at that price, I could not pass them up!

And finally, this trunk.
My friend lost all her horses, and all her tack in a barn fire this spring.  It still breaks my heart to think about.  I had told her I wanted to find and customize a trunk for her, and have been looking ever since.  The problem is that the trunks I find are either too nice to paint, or too pricey... or both.
I picked this one up for $10, and although I don't think I want to paint it, it will probably fit the bill.

It has a key attached, with a little note:

'Key 1 of 2 to Irenes trunk'
'Irene has the other key'

And inside are newspapers from 1946.  I have yet to look those over.

Finally I scored some Ironstone and other china, that while not valuable, I like and got the entire box for $5:

First platter

Ironstone platters

Assorted plates

two of these

 I have another one of these, I think, somewhere...

The place having the sale was a former general store and home of the store keepers.
The details in that place were fantastic!  The store had the most incredible built in shelves, and display cases.  And an entire, still in great shape tin ceiling.

The house part of the place had the built-ins that one expects from a place of this age.  A lovely pantry cabinet in the kitchen.   A porcelein'd double sink- one side deeper than the other with a drainboard that goes over the shallower sink.  And you know me... I was ooh'ing and aaahing over the wallpaper in several of the rooms.  I thought I was about to hit the jackpot when the Estate salesperson said she had several rolls of the paper she would sell me... alas she could not find them.  I just wish I had had my camera on me to take a few pics of it on the wall.

So, now I have several more projects on the production line... and another final summer vacation trip coming up in a week... so while I'll be faithfully working away, I can't promise when I'll update you all... just hang in there with me, will ya'?

While I have very little in the way of progress to report/share... unless you call 'cleaning out the garage by selling/delivering the hutch and then filling her back up thanks to an Estate Sale' Progress... but I am linking up with Savvy Southern Style's Wow us Wednesday #79  cause it's what I do!  


Loretta said...

Wow, you scored large on this one! Love those tables. Everything you purchased is great buy! Waiting to see how you repurpose everything! Have a nice time on your vacation!

SheilaG @ Plum Doodles said...

Wow, you found some great deals! Those tables are going to look great when you get them painted. I love the ironstone platters- just a little bit jealous. :)

Stephanie said...

Luck was with you when you "just happened to pass" that sale. You got some realy terrific things and the tables will cetainly keep you busy for awhile. I bet you will do something awesome with them.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

You are one lucky duck! What great treasures.