Sunday, August 19, 2012

In process, the tables

I've got the tables I bought at the Estate sale cleaned, sanded, primed and now with the distressing color on, so I thought I would post a quick update before I leave for a week on the lake.

Here are the pair of tables before:

And now sanded [only the tops, lightly], primed, and with a light green that will show through when I distress them:

My tools, a can of Oops, and a small paintbrush

I put the paint I want to show through basically where I know things would get worn naturally, through use, and where I will distress them.

Here's the other table before:

And now cleaned, sanded, primed and with the distressing color on:

This blue is another can of Oops I picked up along the way.
You can not beat it for $2!

I was actually able to get a coat of the antique white I will use over it on parts of it yesterday as well!
It was like we were on fire around here, we got so much done!

Anyway, so this will have the whole week to sit in the garage curing until I can get back and finish painting and distress them.  Worked out perfectly really, 'cause if I was not going away I would be itching to dig in, and really a couple days to sit and cure is better.

So we are off to a short vacation with my mom, her new husband and my sister.
This is the first time in 8 years D, A and I have been able to get away with the boat on a lake, something my husband as a bachelor did every summer with his group of [now disbanded] friends.
I think he's just a leeeeeeetle excited.

My son is thrilled to spend more time with Sis and her chihuahua... I'm sure the feeling is a little less than mutual on the part of the Chi, but what'cha gonna' do?  That's life as a small, cute dog.


Lexi said...

I love love love those 2 tables in the first picture. Awesome!!! I can't wait to see how you will revive them!!!

JStacie said...

Love those two side tables!