Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The doll beds find a home

Remember these?

I painted them and played around with several ideas...

It was a 'No' to the applique things.

This was the fabric I wanted to use originally.

I had them prominently displayed at my garage sale... they did not sell

Painted and chippy.

I was not having any luck selling them for at least what I had into them, either as dog beds or as beds for American Girl Dolls.

Then I realized that it was my neighbors daughters 7th birthday coming up, and guess who happens to have TWO American Girl dolls, who, it turns out, were sleeping on the counter of her play kitchen?

So I found out the names of her AG dolls, and put their initials on them, made some butterfly bedding that I knew she would love... and here they are:

I think she was pleased, and I hope Ruthie and Madeline had a good nights sleep in real beds for a change!

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Loretta said...

What a wonderful and generous gift! I just love dolls and have them too! What a wonderful idea to design them just for her! Thanks for sharing. Would you please visit me today and pay respects to a Sister blogger who passed away! The family would appreciate it. Thanks so much!

Late Bloomers said...

Loretta I did visit and left a message for our Sister Blogger who has passed. Life is too short... tell those you love that you do... and savor the little moments.

Thanks again for your comments, they mean alot to me.

*~Kat~* said...

I think they turned out great! I'm sure the little was thrilled I know mine would be :)

JStacie said...

Nice idea! My kids would have loved that!