Thursday, July 12, 2012

Garage Sale Prep, day 2

I am in full panic mode here.
I had told myself I would be slashing prices on the Late Bloomers stock, and would NOT, therefore, be doing any touch ups.
Guess how that's working out?

Not perfect, but it looks super cute, and more importantly,... it's DONE!

Here's the before:

the rest of the images on it were pitted and not good, and the entire bed had pitting/rust... so I had to paint it.

In prepping the hutch, I had to touch up the hardware, but I HATE removing hardware...

So I cheated....

Cut a slit in a piece of paper that ends in a small circle, sort of a keyhole pattern.
Slip it on the knob, spray and PRESTO!

I was incredibly jealous... inspired by the picnic basket of a family member at the Family Reunion this past weekend...
Isn't that so pretty?

It got me started on mine...

It's going to be a very faint checkerboard with Black Eyed Susans over it.

Ok, I gotta' get back to work.
Hopefully once the sale is set up I'll have a mo' to post some pics!

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