Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Getting organized

I bought several items 2 weeks ago towards the end of getting organized around here.
A jewelry box for my jewels that are in boxes and gift bags in the closet, and a bill organizer cause the file cabinet drawer where hubby dumps them is just not working for me anymore:


... during...

...almost done.

Bill organizer


... a little red...

....and then some Deep Space.

A cow my mother gave me:

Cow after...

...cow before.

Of course now my husband says to me, "I thought you would paint this like those belteds down the road you love".  DOH!  Back to the garage he goes.

And some more scenes from around the 'farm':

Last week was my horses 27th birthday, so of course I made some carrot cake muffins.  The 3 on the end were special ones for horses, those I only had a little muffin mix in, enough to hold together the chopped bits of apple and carrot.

Here's the birthday boy and his favorite kid.

The good thing about all that mud is that it is a testament to the fact that he can in fact get down, roll and then get back up again.  For a horse this old, that is a good thing.

This is the field next to my house I had hoped the horse would retire to, so I could gaze at him all day and care for him myself.  Retirement came too soon for him.

And this is my new Dogwood tree.  It's my Mothers Day present from 3 years ago, D finally went and got it this past weekend.  I'm looking forward to chronicling how she grows.

I bought a huge batch of other plants as well, but I ordered them online, so they haven't shown up yet.
I'm not great with plants, since they don't bug ya' when you forget to water or feed them.
We'll see how it goes.

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