Friday, April 20, 2012

A week of progress

I started off the week staining the deck.
A while back I bought a can of 'Oops' deck stain to do this with.
I am now regretting not having bought BOTH cans that were on the 'Oops' shelf that day.

My advice to anyone doing this, get at least 2 cans.

"After"s will be forthcoming

Wednesday was SA Day, and I picked up a few small things that I started to work on today:

A Handy Dandy bill organizer.  It is going to be black, with distressing with red showing through

Red is on

I do not have alot of jewelry, nor do I have much 'good' jewelry, but what I do have is meaningful to me, so I picked this up so that my jewelry can be detangled from the boxes it all resides in 

This is going to be off white, with distressing to show a little green underneath, in keeping with our Master Bath

Around the front of the house, I have been painting some lattice to dress up the bottom of all our entry porches

Lattice will go all around the bottom edge of the side entry [above], as well as under the front entry porch [below] to clean this up.  I also bought some stain to do those porch decks.

I did get these front porch steps stained:

Not bad for 'Oops' eh?  Very close match to the shutters.

And I have enough to do the side/Mud Room entry porch as well.

Finally, out front I put in this brick sidewalk a few years ago when I was tired of everyone walking on a dirt path and dragging mud into the house.  I am hopeful that this year we can reset the walk, and add some height to the pad in front of the stairs.  This way you will walk up the walk, step up onto the pad, and then the steps will be easier to navigate [builder set them too high off the ground] to step up onto the porch.

So it's been a fairly productive week.  I also made it to audit some lessons with a BNT [Big Name Trainer] of Dressage... and it was a mix of sad [Yo and I could do that!] and energizing.  
Yo had his Spring shots yesterday and only got a slight tummy ache afterwards and I did not have to sleep at the barn holding his hoof.  

His 27th Birthday is Monday.  Lots of pics of him enjoying his carrot cake muffins will be posted for all to enjoy.

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