Sunday, January 8, 2012

What I accomplished in 2011

The last few weeks everyone in BlogLand has been recapping their year, and I finally have a minute, since crippling myself doing 'yardwork' today, to do a little recap of my own.


I needed new kitchen chairs and Habitat for Humanity had these babies for $10 each

Reupholstered and painted

I expanded my wall art collection

The top pic here is my own horse, Yo

My This End Up desk got Upcycled

Several dog beds



nailhead trim... so pretty... and so hard to do!


And my lovely model!

The horse rescue had several items donated that I redid and we sold Lickety-split!!

Normally anything I buy, upcycle, and sell generates at least a 10% donation to the rescue... but these items were theirs and I did the work gratis... and they made almost/over [I forget] $400!!!
I could never hand over a $400 donation... so it felt FANTASTIC to generate that kind of money for the cause I hold dear and the organization I know does so many good things!

This hutch....

Redone and still for sale

A Fathers Day gift

[Ignore the photo date- that was screwed up for a few months!]


... became...

Habitat for Humanity vanity seat...

Painted, stenciled and reupholstered

I recovered the cushions on the porch swing... from 'so NOT me, to....

.... 'Now THAT'S me!'

Salvation Army tables

For sale

My sister claimed these

For Sale

For my sister

My new headboard for my soon-to-be-revamped bedroom

A work in progress

For my sisters new house

Here they are in her house:

A small update, we swapped out these knobs on our master bath vanity...

... and replaced them with these, from Hobby Lobby

Finally, my new kitchen hutch is nearing completion.
I know I'm fickle... here are the 'also rans' in the 'Ang needs a Kitchen Hutch' race:

... the original, WHY did I SELL it????

... no counter, sold it ...

... too small, for sale ...

And the latest contestant, before...

... during....

and well, ... still during, but almost there...

See the grey backed shelves?  Those will have a door over them... someday... and just the top shelf on the sides will be open, as well as that middle.

Upper knobs, thanks Hobby Lobby!

Lower knobs, again, Hobby Lobby
[the first step is knowing you have a problem, right?]


... and you will see below, my favorite Xmas gift on the right... a genuine MacKenzie-Childs, from my sister!!

You can't see them, but I added lights to the open area on top as well, to highlight my display items

Okay, apparently trying to update 10 minutes before Downton Abbey starts is not advised.

For some reason the new pics of the hutch most recently will not upload, so consider this a cliffhanger... and check back soon for those pictures!    Nevermind, got 'em done!!

What I want to do with this piece in the near future is add a Stainless Steel counter top.
Crazy idea?  Bad idea?   Is there a way to cheat and make it look like SS, but save $$ and time and effort?  Maybe using a skill I already think I have?
Anyone know how to add SS and want to mentor me?

I still have to add the pitted glass film to the glass doors, but it appears to be a 2 man job, so I'm waiting for a day that both D and I can do it...   
Today was not that day.  
Today was 'clear the view into the woods so we can see if the bear is waiting to pounce' day.

And as before I want to add doors to the sides, where the grey backed shelves are...  I either gotta' learn how to make those, or find some that will fit.  Any guesses as to which would be harder to do, more time consuming and/or more expensive?

The colors I used on this hutch are actually the same as the 'Original', 2 Ralph Lauren colors I get custom mixed.

Here's the view from where I sit.... these 2 girls are the bestest girlfriends, and spend almost all day snuggling, or sniffin' out what's been in the yard [again, that bear!].

Happy Dogs


The Midwest Cottage said...

Hey. New follower here. I was laughing at all the huthes you have had. I have new furniture all the time in my house!!

Beth @Under A Pile of Scrap! said...

You have done so much!! I would really love to find a hutch like the last one you have!! It would be so perfect in my dining room. You have found a lot of amazing pieces!

Claire said...

Wow-you have had quite the impressive year-following you from miss mustard seed-stop by for a visit!